Thursday, January 1, 2015

Art Goals for 2015!

A GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who have supported my art this past year! When you buy and original, giclée, or card, the money goes directly back into my art. This is how I pay for supplies, membership dues, show entry fees, and printing giclée prints and cards.

And this year I was so successful (because of YOU!) that I started my own LLC as Western Rose Studios. The skies the limit ... selling art at events, commissioned pieces, art shows, and some day down the road I could branch into having a studio gallery, teach classes, professional photography ... Stay tuned and follow along with the adventure!

Part 1

Please enjoy looking at all the paintings my collectors have bought or commissioned this past year:

Part 2

A year ago I made some goals for my art … let's see how I did.

1.) Get my art out there: contact western art gallery managers for representation/shows. I organized a group show at Caswell Gallery which is the closest (geographically) gallery to western art.
2.) Enter more shows and win awards, such as "Honorable Mention," "Best in Show," "People's Choice," etc. Entered and were submitted to both WSO shows! It's like an award in itself. Plus, Best of Show in Watercolor at the St. Paul Rodeo.
3.) Have my art in local shows (I'm actually having one in February at a community college down the street!) Yes!
4.) Have my art in a booth at the St. Paul Rodeo Art Show. Yes! And I'll be applying this year, too.
5.) Start advertising my Christmas ornaments (available for commissions) earlier in the year, such as early October, so that I don't have to turn people down due to being overbooked. They were a hit this year!
6.) Double the "likes" on my Facebook Artist Page which is currently at 213. Currently sitting at 320 people who follow my art on Facebook.
7.) Do plein air paintings/drawings with horses. I completed a couple little plein air paintings (and sold one) at the St. Paul Rodeo,
8.) For one month of the year do a "painting a day" project. I did that in March and it was freeing to have so many people support my art!
9.) Make more artsy friends. Yup!
10.) Continue accepting commissions in watercolor and pencil. Always!

Part 3

My art goals for 2015 ...

1.) Post all my new paintings and in progress photos on my blog. Facebook is just the easy way to do it, but I want to make things more interesting. I'll continue to share my posts on Facebook and Twitter.
2.) Continue to enter more art shows, near and far.
3.) Have a solo art show.
4.) Have a booth at the St. Paul Rodeo Art Show
5.) Attend an additional show (western/horse related) to sell my art.
6.) Explore more into photography.
7.) Do a Kickstarter for my own booth set up.
8.) Develop a looser style in the studio.
9.) Paint. Draw. Create.
10.) Develop and expand Western Rose Studios.

Happy New Year, Everyone! May 2015 be bright and bring you cheer all year long!

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