Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marker Sketches

Something I wanted to work on was actually making little sketches in my new set of  Faber-Castell artist pens (markers). I want to work in value studies which will down the road become maps to full blown watercolor paintings. This week I've just been picking out photos from my archives and doing little sketches in an old empty sketchbook I found (while cleaning last week). 


Here is a study/sketch of a large painting I want to work on in the next couple weeks. Hopefully I can finish it on time to enter a big art show!

Here's a detail of the horses in black and white.

And while I was doing my watercolor study, I realized that the two horses on the left were unnecessary, so I didn't paint them in.

Next I'll need to cut put my paper, draw out the imagery and composition, and then PAINT! Thanks for following along!

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