Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn is my Favorite Color

I don't know about you, but my favorite color is Autumn - golden brown hues tinged with orange. The smell of the rain returning to the thirsty ground is invigorating, along with brisk weather with pockets of warm sunshine.

Saturday was my birthday. And I wanted to go to Pendleton for the weekend, which is a three hour drive from Portland. But the big draw was that about 30 minutes from Pendleton was the last couple stands of Poplar trees from Greenwood Tree Farm. Times are a changing and the six miles of rowed trees will be gone for forever very soon. Here is an article about the situation.

Live for today.

I don't know how long we were out there in the trees. It didn't matter. It was about living in the moment and enjoying the here and now. There were about 6 stands of golden-leaved, white bark monuments to time. Some of them are a little crooked from enduring the winds, snow, and life of a tree. On the perimeter the trees were a wonderful gold and as you look into the depths of the woods, they slowly transition into the spring green.

These trees have been used for many a photoshoot. As far as I know, this is the only place like this in Oregon. If you haven't visited yet, make the time. You won't regret going for a long drive.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ginger & Dolly - Chihuahua Pups on Ornaments

These are the first two pups of the Christmas ornaments. This is Ginger and Dolly, very loved Chihuahua pups. These two are destined to be  Christmas presents for their mom down in California. I was happy to hear that I captured their personalities. Just because they are tiny dogs, doesn't mean they have small personalities. 

There's still time to contact me to have one (or more) custom hand painted shatterproof Christmas ornaments created just for you or as a holiday present for that special someone.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why I Taught Myself Photography

Weddings are memorable. Memories are captured within photographs.

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend my cousin's wedding. It was wonderful. The ceremony was just right. The dress and bouquet were exquisite. The loving smiles between bride and groom were priceless.

The main reason I taught myself photography was to capture the precious moments between loved ones.

Nearly five years ago was when special moments were lost for me, it was my wedding day. My very special day was mostly captured with under-exposed, out of focused, blurry images. Originally one of my best friends was going to cover the day. I trusted her to do a wonderful job, especially since she was a photography student. But a couple months before the big day, she moved. So, a family friend said that she would take photos for me. She had a DSLR and her husband borrowed my dad's DSLR to capture everything. This was the mistake. Just because someone has a DSLR doesn't mean that they understand what aperture is and how to maximize the camera's abilities with settings for the shutter speed and ISO - the exposure triangle.

This began my passion for photography. It's been two years since I've had my Canon Rebel and I shoot all manual, working the exposure triangle to its fullest. My mission is for everyone to have an affordable option to capture moments, be it family photos portraying their children growing up or one of those special days that you want to remember for a lifetime.

Now, I wasn't the photographer for this wedding, but I did have some fun with my 85mm lens, capturing the little moments I love. Someday, I would love to be involved with weddings; capturing the sweet moments between loved ones when they start their new chapter together. But for now, these photos are part of my gift to the start of the new chapter for this couple who are so in love.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blue Hour at Mount Hood

It's pouring rain. The storm is here. They said it was coming. They have said that it is the biggest storm to hit the Pacific Northwest in a very long time. I hope everyone out there is safe and sound.

Last night I took the opportunity to head out to Larch Mountain for possibly the last sunset in a long time. When it's storming, there may not be much of a sunset. Not unless the clouds break and smile upon you.

I live about 45 minutes away, but had only calculated in 30 minutes of drive time. So when I reached the top parking lot, I hoofed it up to the top of the mountain. Part way up I can see the blue. I've heard of it, Blue Hour. 

I kept going up and up. Inhale, exhale, breathe the sweet, fresh air. I haven't been out and about in awhile. Now that the winter weather has fallen in Oregon, the chances of getting out are slim. But thankfully, I live close enough to the Columbia River Gorge that I can zip out and get some nature.

Needless to say, I made it to the top in time to capture this little beaut.

Stay safe, warm and dry.