Sunday, February 23, 2014


5" x 7" 

Here is a nice little painting I finished yesterday. When I posted an in progress photo of it, I was immediately sent a message by a woman in Maine who wanted first dibs at the original. And last night all the "t's" were crossed. I will be sending it to her tomorrow. :-)

But back to this particular painting, the original reference photo had the cowgirl riding down a long dusty gravel road. She was leading an extra saddled horse and in a line up of many more riders. I took the photo back in 2009 on my Horse Trek (I rode 185 miles over 8 days through the Cascades from Scotts Mill to Dufur - all in Oregon). The cowgirl had a purple flower in her palm leaf and I thought it would be perfect for her to be riding through a peaceful field of lavender flowers with velvety green trees as the background. It reminds me of summer and the warmth and peace of it all. There was lots of snow here just over a week ago. I'm ready for summer. Are you?