Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent Paintings - The Beauty of Oregon

"Weathered Barn"
(Damascus, OR)
(9 ¾" x 17 ½")

(Harney County, OR)
(20" x 24")

"View from the Peak"
(Steens Mountain, OR)
Watercolor and Ink
(10 ¼" x 25")

"Summer Shadows at Oak Knoll"
(11" x 14")

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Kit Fox: Keeping Cool"

This little guy is finally matted and in the mail to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for their Stamp Art Contest.

What do you think of him?

"Kit Fox: Keeping Cool"
Watercolor (13" x 18")

Friday, August 24, 2012


This is Rosie.
She lives at Butte Creek with 70+ other horses.
This year I am donating paintings to their annual (fundraiser) auction. All proceeds will go towards building a new facility for feeding the horses.
My original watercolor painting "Rosie" will help her and the others of her herd.

Watercolor (5" x 7")

Commission - "Pip and Baby Girl"

Once again I went to Oak Knoll Winery to deliver another dog painting, because of Lucee.

This is of Pip (Pretty In Pink), the mastiff, and Baby Girl, the dachshund. When I showed the owner the painting, she almost cried because they are her babies. I love it when people love the painting I especially make for them.

"Pip and Baby Girl"
watercolor, 16" x 20"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Commissions and ODFW Kit Fox

Hey everyone, I've been really busy lately. For the past three weekends my hubby and I have been camping or visiting family, so that has left only evenings for me to work on my art. Since last weekend I've been working on 2 commissions. A 8" x 10" watercolor is a surprise present, so I'll wait to post it until it is given to the recipient. The other is a 16" x 20" watercolor painting of two dogs, Pip (Pretty In Pink), a Mastiff, and Baby Girl, a mini dachshund. The owner works with the owner of Lucee, the Basset Hound. Once she saw Lucce, she decided to get her dogs painted by me for a very special one of a kind piece of art - customized especially for the personality of her dogs. Here are some process shots ….

Here is the beginning of the sketch for Pip and Baby Girl that I started yesterday.

And this is the stage I'll be leaving it with tonight. You may notice that I wait until the end to paint eyes. That's because that's what really brings the painting to life.

And here is the progress I've made on my Kit Fox for the ODFW Stamp Art Contest. I have more tweaking to do for this guy …

Now, hello weekend! I will dedicate this time to my art making processes. My plans include working on the commissions, Kit Fox, and new paintings for a show I will have in October. Along with conducting my experiment with sealing watercolor paintings so that framing with glass won't be required AND on Sunday I'll be visiting Portland Meadows in the morning to (hopefully) take in the horsey smells, horsey looks, and excitement (and you never know, I might come back with some awesome ideas for paintings).

I hope everyone is in good spirits for the weekend, because I'm feeling my oats! *neigh*

Friday, August 10, 2012

Commission - "Lucee"

Last night I delivered the owner of Lucee this painting. He was soooooo excited and happy! It looks just like Lucee, the Basset Hound.

I love it when my art makes people happy :-D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Researching Ideas: Sealing Watercolors, and ODFW Stamp

I've been thinking about my watercolor paintings and how much time and effort and money it takes me to properly frame my watercolor paintings. So, I've done some researching and I'm going to experiment with sealing my paintings with UV Resistant clear spray and some fluid matte medium. I found this by googling "sealing watercolor paintings" and came up with these sites: eHow, David Castle Art, and Ampersand.

Another reason why I thought of researching this was because I've been brainstorming on creating a new series that I can sell in a shop of some sort. While I took my cat to the vet today, I noticed that the exam room had next to no art. ding ding ding … I could hang my animal-themed art and have a price on it, maybe someone will like one to buy one. I called and left a message for the owner of the pet clinic and hopefully he'll get back to me. I also have another lead … one of my co-workers' daughter is starting a shop in a business zoned house in the Hawthorne District of Portland, and the mother took multiple business cards of mine to show her.

Right now I'm working on a painting for the 2013 ODFW Habitat Conservation Stamp Art Contest. It's a kit fox, since the paintings need to be from a list of animals. If there are any other artists who are interested in this contest, it's due by the end of August. So, off to work …