Friday, May 27, 2016

Family Picnic | Photography Session

The sun is out, the weather is getting warm, that means it's time to go outside with a blanket, lay it on the lawn and have yourself a little picnic!

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of meeting young family at Edgefield to take some family portraits. Edgefield is a special place for this family, 4 ½ years ago they were wed in the very meadow we set up for a little picnic. I was told that their son, Boden, just loves bananas, and what perfect way to break up a photography session then with a little banana break?!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bighorn Sheep | Photography

Did you know that they is a herd of Bighorn Sheep that live near John Day, Oregon and sometimes you can see them from I-84?

Whenever my husband's family and I head over to Hermiston (and beyond) we keep our eyes on the rocky, steep hillside. We recently made a trip to Owyhee and on the way out there was no sign of the herd. It was a beautiful sunny day, so the herd was probably high up on the plateau or hidden in a canyon relaxing in some shade.

But on the return trip, John spotted the herd. He got off at the next exit and pulled off I-84 so that I could shimmy out of the Highlander and walk along the guardrail to photography the mighty Bighorn Sheep. Now, pulling along the shoulder of I-84 is not for the faint of heart, there's quite a blast from semi trucks barreling down the freeway at 60+ miles an hour.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the time made by John to photography these serene creatures. There are seven in the herd and about a month ago there were two more. Sadly those two were poached. Only two tags are released a year to hunt the Bighorn Sheep a year in Oregon, that's how low the population is and with people poaching, it benefits no one. Thankfully, both poachers were caught in the act and they had no chance at getting away.

I hope you enjoy these photos and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Silver Dapple Gypsy Vanner

Last weekend I had my art booth set up at the Show Horse Stadium at the Salem Oregon Fairgrounds for the Mt. Hood Show (Gypsy Vanners, Drum Horses, and Miniature Horses).

I was able to sneak outside (because John was watching my booth for me) and capture some moments before horses and handlers headed into their classes. This one particular mare captured my attention, especially all the affection she was receiving from her owner's husband.

This is The Diamond Mare (aka Yenté) of Heavenly Grace Ranch. She is a Black Silver Dapple Gypsy Vanner mare. Her markings are just beautiful and I've heard her personality is just as wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Please feel free to share this post with others who will enjoy them as well.

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