Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Spirit

It's after Thanksgiving, so it's officially the Christmas season!

I'm excited to present this year's Christmas card as "Christmas Spirit." All year I've been thinking of what to do for this year's Christmas painting and I came up with the idea of featuring an elk a couple months ago.

I did some prep work, including contacting (via Facebook) the Damascus Elk Farm to see if a local artist could come out and photograph their elk as painting references. Now, I've contacted a couple different people/places via Facebook and the majority of them have been positive responses (including the Drum Horses). I mean, you don't know until you ask and many people are quite open to inspiring artists. And this time, with the elk farm, I was lucky enough for another yes. I went out and photographed their herd of elk - there were cows, a bull calf, and a couple spikes, none of the impressive racks you usually see. But that's okay that there weren't any impressive antlers on the bulls. That's the beauty of art, you can create. 

More of my thought process of this painting was that it will be festive, with a vintage flair. I searched for vintage Christmas ornaments and based the ones in my painting after Christmas past. And for the overall feel of the watercolor painting, I wanted it to appear the viewer had caught the bull elk right after the act of getting tangled in a Christmas tree and hiding out in the fir trees.

I'm really pleased with this little painting. And now the Christmas cards are available in my shop, so feel free to share this with others and order a couple cards.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

This post is for you.

It's time for the holidays and time to think about something unique and wonderful to give loved ones. Now, what to get some you care about, someone who has just about everything. Here are somethings I know, that might help you find the perfect gift.

Have you ever looked on Etsy? It may seem like a beast, but it supports small businesses, makers, creatives, and vintage collectors.

Do you know any outdoor loving person? I love being outdoors and handmade creations, so I thought you might like some of these items: 

Not only is there Esty to chose from, but local artists in your community who may not be on this popular site and instead have their own shop connected to their website.

All the above links are ones of my choosing and in no way was I paid to promote these specific creators.