Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sascha | Christmas Ornament

 I was contacted by a woman early this year regarding a pre-order on a custom Christmas ornament. She wanted to make sure I had time to create this special present for her friend who had this special German Shepherd named Sascha. The outlook was grim for the four-legged companion, she wouldn't make it till Christmas. I learned that she passed away in May 2014.

Yesterday, I received an email that the friend received this special memorial ornament and cried. It was a happy cry though. Sasha's bright and happy face will be looking out from their Christmas tree every year.

This ornament (and many others) was hand painted in acrylic paint on a shatterproof Christmas ornament, so there is no fear of it dropping and breaking (unless you sit on it, then it'd probably break).

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