Monday, November 24, 2014

Branching Out

Last weekend I completed my first mural style commission. Here I am with the finished painting. 

I was commissioned to travel up to Yelm, Washington to create a stylized silhouette of a tree on a wall in the family's new house. Then already had a tan matte wall and I worked with them to decide on using a semi-gloss deep chocolate paint for the tree and leaves. It really looks great in person!

And just this weekend (a week after completing the commission) I was sent a photo of all their family photos hanging around the branches. 

I already have an interest in someone commissioning me to paint another tree. This one might be a tree in a little girls room with pink, teal, and gray owls. This is an adorable concept. I'd love to "branch out" more with doing these simple and stylized murals.  

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