Thursday, October 15, 2015

Owyhee Night Sky | Photography

We were camped along Lake Owyhee, which is a reservoir that is over 20 miles long! We had the perfect camping spot for me to do some experimenting with night photography. 

Th first one is my first experiment with a long exposure. I usually do a series of photos and then Photoshop them together to create the star trails, but this time I took one long exposure. I believe this one is about 12 minutes. You may notice all the stars are swirling around one star. The stationary star is the North Star, Polaris, which is always true north and never moves.

The second one is another long exposure, but this time it's of the dam. There are red, white, and blue lights on the dam, and I was successful of doing another long exposure which also highlighted the rotation of the Earth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Owyhee River Wildlife | Photography

While my husband was spending time in the river with the fishes, I spent time exploring ... rocks, tree groves, quiet places along the river and I found these beauties! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Owyhee River Fishermen | Photography

 This was my first trip to Owyhee River, and my husband's fourth trip. It was even his birthday present, spending time fly fishing in God's country and I got to come along and hone my photography skills. Not only was it the two of us, my father-in-law and one of my brother-in-laws joined us.

They fished for two full days and I took photos of them with the beautiful backdrop of the red clay, blue sky, and sage. We even chanced upon am Idaho fisherman with his loyal (and weary) German Shorthair Pointer.

I hope you enjoy these photos, keep looking at my other posts because I also captured some Owyhee wildlife and stars.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Elowah Falls Hike

On Thursday I went on a little solo hike to Elowah Falls. A photographer acquaintance recommended going there in the fall. It's still a little too early to capture all the beautiful colors autumn brings, so I'll have to go back in a couple weeks. As some of you may know, this summer has been long and dry, a drought even. So, with that all the waterfalls this year have become wispy and light compared to the thundering curtains that usually thrills onlookers. But even the light and wispy falls have their fairy, dreamy elegance.

I hope you enjoy these photos I took. I would love to get a wide angle lens someday. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Now is the time to start ordering your own handpainted custom shatterproof Christmas ornament. The ornaments are matte gold and 3.25" in diameter. Portraits of faces work the best because there is a distortion due to the shape of the ornament if it's a full body image. 

Please shoot me an email with the photo(s) I can use as reference for a portrait of your favorite critter, or a friend's critter because these make great Christmas presents! Only $25 for a single portrait and $35 for a double portrait, plus shipping.

Last year these were really popular and I'd hate for you to miss out if you wait until the last minute.