Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Little Reagan | Commissioned Watercolor

Smile! Be Happy! Babies are good at that and especially little Reagan, even when she was just a month old. What a happy little girl. I was commissioned to paint this by her mommy for her daddy as a Christmas present. 

What dad wouldn't love a painting of his little girl? Something almost as special as her.

"Little Reagan" 
8" x 10" 
Commissioned Watercolor, 2014 

Thompson | Commissioned Watercolor

This cutie was commissioned as a Christmas present by two young ladies for their mother. The mother has admired my paintings for a couple years now. I recall that a year ago she purchased my "Three Little Foxes" limited edition giclee print. But now, she gets her very own Elizabeth Zimmerman original watercolor painting of her own dog, Thompson.

8" x 10" 
Commissioned Watercolor

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gideon & Thunder | Commissioned Watercolors

Do you remember Apollo? He's a Drum Horse stallion I painted earlier this year.

Well, this is Gideon. He's another beautiful HyTyme Drum Horse. All of his offspring has blue turquoise in their eyes. 
One of his colts was Thunder born in the spring of 2014, but sadly the handsome young Drum Horse passed away late the same summer. Below Gideon's painting is Thunder's little portrait. He had the most interesting eyes, speckled with the the blue turquoise amid deep brown.

5" x 7" 
Commissioned Watercolor

5" x 7" 
Commissioned Watercolor

Thank you for dropping by and looking at my art!

Buffy & Mr. Belvedere | Christmas Ornaments

A different shade of equine are these two cute and fluffy donkeys. Buffy and Mr. Belvedere live out in the Nevada dessert and are loved. They were commissioned to be Christmas gifts for a couples parents/in-laws. These were also in the first batch I painted this year. My, what long ears ....


Mr. Belvedere

Dora | Christmas Ornament

One of the few cats I've painted for the Christmas season is Dora. She was commissioned by the mother of her owner. A special "grand" kitty. It was mentioned that she's called "Dora, the Explorer." She must have had many adventures.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Fred | Christmas Ornament

A loyal friend and companion, Fred the Basset Hound. Another friend who has passed on. This guy was commissioned by the owner's sister for a special Christmas present.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cupcake, Bandit, Pinky & Greta | Christmas Ornaments

I met another artist while I was attending the portrait workshop in October and she commissioned four ornaments. Cupcake and Bandit are two horses close to her heart. Pinky is a beloved cat and Greta is a loyal Mastiff. 





Saturday, December 27, 2014

Luke | Christmas Ornament

This is a little Lhasa Apso name Luke. The sister of his owner commissioned me to paint this little guy. Originally I was sent photos of a freshly groomed pup, and after I sent a photo for approval and learned that it "just didn't look like Luke." So, she gave me some new photos of Luke's character and I was able to portray the fun loving, messy hair, black and white dog.


Missy | Christmas Ornament

Meet Missy. She's a Wheaten Terrier and the passed away recently. The owner's daughter commissioned me to paint this as a special Christmas gift.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Bella, Athena & Schallimar | Christmas Ornaments

Here are some more special ornaments. Bella is a fluffy little Pomeranian which was commissioned for a friend. And the double portrait is of Athena, another little Pomeranian, and her buddy, Schallimar, an Aussie who sadly passed away last month. Three happy puppies.


Athena & Schallimar

Mattie & Noi | Christmas Ornaments

Meet Mattie and Noi. They are two little mini dachshunds who adore their "daddy." 
Their "mommy" commissioned me to paint the pair for a great Christmas present. What a great gift!



Sunday, December 21, 2014

Terra Fern & Tucker | Christmas Ornaments

Here are two very dear friends, Terra Fern and Tucker. Sadly, they have passed along and are missed. These pups were commissioned to be a Wedding Anniversary/Christmas present. There were some tears shed. They were and are still loved.

Terra Fern


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Justin | Christmas Ornament

Growing up I had an amazing Golden Retriever named Ginger. She was the best dog and I hope to have another one in the future. So, this commissioned Christmas ornament was a joy to paint (I enjoy painting all these ornaments) and near to my heart.

This is Justin, a Golden Retriever, who is a happy boy. This boy is a present to his "mom" and commissioned by his "dad." They own a couple dogs who own numerous dogs through the years and they knew it was Justin right away.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Dash | Photos

Skip, Mama Bear & Cub | Christmas Ornaments

Some of the first commissioned Christmas ornaments of 2014 were Skip, Mama Bear (aka Soft Spot), and a little bear cub. These were all commissioned by a collector in Maine. Skip is her handsome gelding and the photo reference of the bears were used with permission and taken by Dave Shaffer from Bear Witness Images.


Mama Bear aka Soft Spot

Bear Cub

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blue | Christmas Ornament

Another pup has been remembered as a commissioned Christmas ornament.

This is Blue. The mother of his owner commissioned this special ornament for her grown son. I received word that this gift was a tear jerker. The son was so happy that I painted Blue's trademark scarf.

The ornament is a hand painted one of a kind in acrylic on a shatterproof Christmas ornament. It will be cherished for years to come.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sascha | Christmas Ornament

 I was contacted by a woman early this year regarding a pre-order on a custom Christmas ornament. She wanted to make sure I had time to create this special present for her friend who had this special German Shepherd named Sascha. The outlook was grim for the four-legged companion, she wouldn't make it till Christmas. I learned that she passed away in May 2014.

Yesterday, I received an email that the friend received this special memorial ornament and cried. It was a happy cry though. Sasha's bright and happy face will be looking out from their Christmas tree every year.

This ornament (and many others) was hand painted in acrylic paint on a shatterproof Christmas ornament, so there is no fear of it dropping and breaking (unless you sit on it, then it'd probably break).