Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet: Drum Horses

I've made some new friends. They have fuzzy whiskers and beards, feathers on their feet, bold spots, and kind eyes. They are Drum Horses.

You may have seen these horses on the television during one of the Queen of England's parades. They carry two large brass kettle drums, one on either side. The riders drum and steer with the reins attached to their feet. And there is a breeder of these wonderful horses just 30 minutes of driving through the country from me! These horses are a mixture of Clydesdale, Shire, and Gypsy Vanner.

I've made friends with the horses and the owners. I first visited just a couple days after Epic was born. She was born on the anniversary of Mount St. Helens eruption and is the only offspring from her sire.

I've taken hundreds of photos of these horses and have already completed a couple paintings.

The painting I did of Apollo, a 11 year old stallion, was purchased by the owners and they have commissioned me to do another painting of their other stallion, Gideon. I've done a couple paintings of April, a two year old mare, in a field of daisies. And I will be doing many more of my four hoover friends.

5" x 7" Watercolor

"Daisy Field I"
5" x 7" Watercolor
Available for Purchase

"April Showers"
15" x 22" Watercolor
Available for Purchase

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