Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little Crater Lake | Photography

On the way home from our campout at Timothy Lake we stopped at Little Crater Lake. Super short walk, anyone would enjoy it.

It's tiny. 

Enjoy. :-)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Timothy Lake & Camping | Photography

This weekend I went for a little camping trip with my husband and our friend, Matt. We headed up to Timothy Lake on a blue bird clear day. We were lucky that we found a campground that was still open, it was closing for the season that Sunday!

We had fun with all the usual camping stuff: chopping wood, campfire, smores, cooking kabobs, and just staring into the fire. After we had settled into our site, I went on a little walk around the lake and found a great view of Mount Hood. And in the morning I just happened to wake up in time for sunrise, well, kind of. It was fog. Everywhere. Split pea soup. I still got a cool photo of sunrise, not just one I was expecting.

Well, I hope you enjoy my photos. And to see a super special one, head over to my Patreon!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wahclella Falls Hike | Photography

This weekend my husband and I volunteered for my friend's team for the Gorgeous Relay. We were stationed at the trailhead to Wahclella Falls. So where we were done with our duty we went on a little hike!

It was a short hike and the waterfall was amazing! I even rolled up my pants, grabbed my tripod, and ventured into the chilly water. I think the photos we worth my numb toes. I even got my husband to pose a little for me, more like "wait, honey, go back on that rock real quick!"


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Western Pony T-Shirts

Western Pony is my second limited edition t-shirt (and tea towel) design. He was inspired by the working ranch horse. He's ready to get the job done with a lariat secured to his pommel and breast collar to keep his rigging (and rider) in place once the going gets tough. All he needs is you!

Please EMAIL ME with the style, color, and size of shirt(s) you want and your mailing address. Then I'll email you an invoice which you need to pay by Monday, October 5. The specific shirts you want will then be ordered, once they're received I will hand print Western Pony on the front and Western Rose Studios logo on the back in black ink. And if all goes to plan, they will be shipped around Monday, October 26!

This will the first chance of two for you to order the cute little ranch pony t-shirt. After the last run of orders, the design will be washed away, never to be repeated the same. Truly limited edition and handmade, making them even more special.

Here are your options:
Styles: Loose (men's/unisex crew), Fitted (women's crew), V-Cut (women's fitted v-cut)

Colors available for Loose and Fitted styles (left to right): Neutral, Silver, Blue, Pink, and Green

Colors available for V-Cut Style (left to right): Hot Pink, Stone, and White

Sizes and Pricing: 
Loose and Fitted Styles: Small $20, Medium $20, Large $20, X-Large $20, XX-Large $25, XXX-Large $28
V-Cut: Small $24, Medium $24, Large $24, X-Large $24, XX-Large $29

T-Shirts are 5 oz. 100% cotton high density fabric (Fruit of the Loom brand). Stone may be a poly/cotton blend.

Remember, you need to have the invoice paid by Monday, October 5 to secure a shirt just for you!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fly Fishing along the Breitenbush

My husband's favorite past time is fly fishing. This was a very dry summer, so the river we frequent was very low. This is the Breitenbush River at the day use park near Detroit Lake. For the most part, where he is standing is usually underwater, even in the Fall. So we ventured down, him with his rod, reel, line, and flies, and me with my camera, lens, and polarized filter.

The photos looking down at John, where you can see all the rocks, were all taken with my beloved 85mm with its polarized filter. This is the trip I honed in its true potential (I learned about it in Gary's workshop I took last month). It's like having polarized sunglasses, but for your camera lens. You simply twist around the outer piece until you reach the desired effect - no more glare from the water!

Please enjoy these photos, I know I enjoyed taking them, even it the attire was cozy hats and fleecy sweaters!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fairy Falls Hike

Lately I've been going on hiking adventures on Fridays to kick start the weekend, but since I'm going camping tomorrow, I went on a Thursday hiking adventure.

Earlier this week I found some photos of Fairy Falls on Instagram and thought, "Wow, that's pretty. I want to go there." I looked it up on my favorite hiking trail website and was like, "Hmmm ... Only 2 miles, I can do that and there's switchbacks, that shouldn't be too bad." So, I went to Facebook (for the first time in this instance) and asked if anyone wanted to go on a waterfall hike adventure on Thursday. And someone did want to go! It was actually someone I knew wayyyyy back in the day in Venture Crew, which was like 7+ years ago. Emily and I hadn't really talked, but I knew she lived in Portland, so that's why I kept her on my friend's list and we finally got to hang out and catch up!

Well, I mentioned that there were supposed to be switchbacks .... Yeahhhhhh, it might be over exaggerating, but there was like 50 switchbacks .... Up and up and up and up (repeat) ....

But we made it! I mean, I made it. Emily was the more fit of the two hikers. But it was worth the trip!

I hope you enjoy the photos I took after the long, uphill hike.