Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fly Fishing along the Breitenbush

My husband's favorite past time is fly fishing. This was a very dry summer, so the river we frequent was very low. This is the Breitenbush River at the day use park near Detroit Lake. For the most part, where he is standing is usually underwater, even in the Fall. So we ventured down, him with his rod, reel, line, and flies, and me with my camera, lens, and polarized filter.

The photos looking down at John, where you can see all the rocks, were all taken with my beloved 85mm with its polarized filter. This is the trip I honed in its true potential (I learned about it in Gary's workshop I took last month). It's like having polarized sunglasses, but for your camera lens. You simply twist around the outer piece until you reach the desired effect - no more glare from the water!

Please enjoy these photos, I know I enjoyed taking them, even it the attire was cozy hats and fleecy sweaters!

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