Friday, September 4, 2015

Fairy Falls Hike

Lately I've been going on hiking adventures on Fridays to kick start the weekend, but since I'm going camping tomorrow, I went on a Thursday hiking adventure.

Earlier this week I found some photos of Fairy Falls on Instagram and thought, "Wow, that's pretty. I want to go there." I looked it up on my favorite hiking trail website and was like, "Hmmm ... Only 2 miles, I can do that and there's switchbacks, that shouldn't be too bad." So, I went to Facebook (for the first time in this instance) and asked if anyone wanted to go on a waterfall hike adventure on Thursday. And someone did want to go! It was actually someone I knew wayyyyy back in the day in Venture Crew, which was like 7+ years ago. Emily and I hadn't really talked, but I knew she lived in Portland, so that's why I kept her on my friend's list and we finally got to hang out and catch up!

Well, I mentioned that there were supposed to be switchbacks .... Yeahhhhhh, it might be over exaggerating, but there was like 50 switchbacks .... Up and up and up and up (repeat) ....

But we made it! I mean, I made it. Emily was the more fit of the two hikers. But it was worth the trip!

I hope you enjoy the photos I took after the long, uphill hike.

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