Friday, January 31, 2014

UPDATED: Painting A Day in March!

I'm doing a painting a day in March! And I need your help for inspiration.

UPDATED: Please read all the rules before entering. Thank you!

For Instagram and Twitter:

For Facebook:

During the month of March I will be doing a painting a day. Please follow all the rules below and any photos of your critter and could become a 4 inch square watercolor painting!

All entries must follow the following rules:

• You must be 18 or older and have taken the photo yourself (no professional photography), no exceptions. 
• Multiple photos can be entered. 
• To enter a photo on Instagram or Twitter please comment/post on the photo with #PaintMeMarchZimmerman AND @ZimmermanArtist so that it can be seen by the artist. 
• To enter a photo on Facebook please share/post the photo on "Elizabeth Zimmerman - Artist" Facebook Page and write #PaintMeMarchZimmerman when you share it. This ensures the photo will be visible to the artist. 
• Once you "tag" a photo with #PaintMeMarchZimmerman you give permission for the artist (Elizabeth Zimmerman) to use the photo as reference to paint from and transfer all copyrights to the artist. 
• The artist will retain all copyrights on artwork created from tagged photos. 
• Tagged photos must feature an animal. 
• Odds of your photo being used depends on amount of entries (tagged photos). 31 days in March; 31 paintings will be created. Artist may choose to use tagged photos anytime after March. 
• Entry deadline is Monday, February 24, 2014. 
• Please check your privacy settings to make sure I can see what you've tagged.
• Anything tagged on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is eligible see above rules for specifications.

And you will get first dibs for purchasing the watercolor painting for only $15! That even includes shipping! And remember to have fun taking photos or tagging old ones!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finishing Touches for "Adventure Awaits' Solo Art Show

I've been working like crazy getting ready for my solo art show; cutting mat board, cleaning glass, framing, attaching hanging hardware ...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Flying Solo"

"Flying Solo" 
5" x 7" 
Watercolor 2014 

The first painting of the year. I took the photo I used as reference back in 2009 at the end of a nine day horse trek of riding about 185 miles through the mountains with other riders. After horse trek, when I worked at Philmont Scout Ranch, I learned how to pack horses (and burros!). You really need to balance the load so that it's not lopsided. If the panniers aren't riding straight, you can really sore up a horse in a hurry.

Art Goals for 2014!

A GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who have supported my art this past year! When you buy and original, giclée, or card, the money goes directly back into my art. This is how I pay for supplies, membership dues, show entry fees, and printing giclée prints and cards.

Part 1

Please enjoy looking at all the paintings and giclée prints my collectors have bought or commissioned this past year.

Part 2

A year ago I made some goals for my art … let's see how I did.

1.) Have limited edition, hand numbered, high quality prints made from select paintings. YES! I now have different sizes and about 8 different paintings available.
2.) Create and stock an online shop with smaller originals, limited edition prints, and cards. YES! I have an Etsy Shop now.
3.) Continue with accepting commissions. YES! I did a TON of them as Christmas presents!
4.) Participate in a couple of art shows (I already have 1 booked for February!) YES! Including some online ones and I sent a couple paintings to Texas and Ohio for shows.
5.) Attend more cowboy-themed events with my art in a booth. YES! I did go to one event (Cowboy Roping) in my hometown.
6.) Double the "likes" on my Facebook Artist Page which is currently at 106. YES! I now have 213 likes on my Facebook Artist Page.
7.) Do something artistic everyday (painting, sketching, networking, designing, etc.). KINDA, I've pretty much kept this up.
8.) Enter art competitions and join art associations. YES! I'm now part of three different art associations.
9.) Make some new at friends. YES! I now know some artists who work in bronze.
10.) Join and attend meetings of the Portland Fine Art Guild (if I like it - first meeting in Jan). NO, I went to a "meeting" that I thought was happening and no one ever showed up, but I will be attending meetings in another art association.

Part 3

My art goals for 2014 …

1.) Get my art out there: contact western art gallery managers for representation/shows.
2.) Enter more shows and win awards, such as "Honorable Mention," "Best in Show," "People's Choice," etc.
3.) Have my art in local shows (I'm actually having one in February at a community college down the street!)
4.) Have my art in a booth at the St. Paul Rodeo Art Show.
5.) Start advertising my Christmas ornaments (available for commissions) earlier in the year, such as early October, so that I don't have to turn people down due to being overbooked.
6.) Double the "likes" on my Facebook Artist Page which is currently at 213.
7.) Do plein air paintings/drawings with horses.
8.) For one month of the year do a "painting a day" project.
9.) Make more artsy friends.
10.) Continue accepting commissions in watercolor and pencil.

Happy New Year, Everyone! May 2014 be bright and bring you cheer all year long!