Monday, June 13, 2011

minor announcement

 So, I've decided that I need to do some painting this summer ... duh. And I'd love to get ides from others and I'm going to do some little paintings for the first 5 people who "follow" my blog. I've already got 2 followers, so the next 3 will be in luck. :-)

I will do a small painting of an image of your choice. Please no professionally/copyrighted images. You can contact me via email, found here.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog.. But I am number 3 :)

  2. Thats a pretty awesome idea, I must say.

  3. Yay, our amazing friends over at My Life With Flyball Dogs gave us the Inspiration award, and then told us about you, and then we followed yoU! We think were #5! We love artwork, were actually hanging up our photography collection on the Monday night! Can't wait to follow your adventures, and catch up on passed posts!

  4. Well, dang it all, I am too late for a painting but I am excited to start following your blog. My Vickie and I love art and artists.

    We cant wait to see all your new work.


  5. I'd have to say the idea came from K-Koira. ;-) What can I say, you talking about winning stuff inspired me. hahaha.

    Well, thanks everyone for following my blog, and for those who didn't make the first 5, I'm more than happy to do commissions.