Thursday, June 30, 2011

previous art

The following is a presentation of the art I've been commissioned to do and some which I have sold.

This is a commissioned painting of a quarter horse named Hailey. She was the pasture buddy for my horse, until she was sold to my family

This is commissioned painting of horses which were/are owned by a friend of Hailey's owner. Left to right: Grace (broodmare), Luke (colt), Noah, Eli, Hope (yearling), and Tracker (stud, now deceased).

Through the bunch of horses above, I was able to go out and see Lily and her 5 day colt Tobias, his father is Tracker. Later I sold the painting to the owner.

Sometime later Hailey had a colt, Baron, by Tracker. I sold this to Hailey's owner after completion.

Here is another piece of Eli and Noah, this one as a commissioned colored pencil drawing (16 x 20 in.)

This was one of my first sold paintings. It is an acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas of Ruby and Roma, two beautiful Percheron mares.

This is a commissioned watercolor painting of two Belguin mares, Grace and Daisy. The owners knew Ruby and Roma's owner. I've gotten to know a group of draft horse owners and have done many paintings for them.

This is a colored pencil drawing of Grace.

Here is another painting I did of some more draft horses, Floree and Sally, pulling a manure wagon at a organic farm only worked with horses.

This was a complicated commission, a little much, but I did what she wanted.... the lady with her favorite horse in the barn, her husband on a tractor in the field with the rest of the horses, a Ford truck (same model her dad had when she was a kid), her two grandsons with her pony and dog.

I sold this at my community college's art show when I was working on my Associates. This is of Baron (Hailey's colt). This was a colored pencil, 16 x 20 in.

This was another piece I sold at the student art show.

This is a commissioned colored pencil by my late neighbor for her husband of his dog, Brandy.

Another colored pencil commission of a dog, Peanut Butter, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Another colored pencil piece of one of my friends, her dog Zip and favorite horse, Deneb.

So, these were some of my piece I've done, as far back as 2005 to about 2009.