Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cowboy Palooza

These are the paintings which I sent to New Mexico as a birthday present by a wrangler I worked with last year for another wrangler I worked with last year, also.

This one is a collagraph I did in my printmaking class last fall. I used a combination of methods, the black is intalio (the ink is ground into the recesses of my cut-paper plate) and the tan color is printed in relief. I applied the black, wiped the plate leaving the ink only in the grooves and then rolled on the tan to create this print.

Here's another one I did in printmaking, it's a technique called chine collé monotype print. I cut out an image of him riding a ranch bronc in the rodeo and then used it in my print.

This is a watercolor painting I did for Advanced Topics this Spring and I painted it from a photo I took last summer at Philmont.

This is another painting I did for the same class. I don't know why it was upload the wrong way. *grumble grumble grumble*

And I sent this one to be given to the bosses of the Horse Department. I remember one of the three bosses asked me one day after looking at a horse I seared into leather ... "Elizabeth, what are you doing here shoveling shit, when you are so damn good at art." I told him, "Sir, I'm here to observe and learn so that I can make it into art." HAHAHA ....

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  1. So you are having a special for the month of July?
    Do you have a web site of your work that you have sold. I just lost my dog after having her 13 years and 3 months and I would love a portrait of her.