Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mulling it Over

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about having an art booth at events to have my work available to purchase. Last year for the St. Paul Rodeo I borrowed a friend and bronze sculpture's old panels made by Pro Panel. They are lightweight and easy to put up. I can even do it by myself! Unfortunately, there aren't enough panels to fill up and entire 10' x 10' booth space. I think I did quite well "making due" with my set up, especially since it was my first time at a large equine event. I made a profit even with it being really slow and super hot. And now I have a better idea on what to paint for this year and print and greeting card selections.

Well, I can't infinitely borrow the panels, plus my husband needs to move them for me in his little Toyota Tacoma and I need my car to transport the art. So, I've been researching the possibility of purchasing my own panel booth set up and it's gonna cost a pretty penny. Plus, I need to get some paper bags for sold items and signage. Also, a couple years ago, a prolific collector of my art suggested that I should do a Kickstarter. Yes, I thought of doing it, but there was never a project that I though was worthy enough, but this is it! It's totally possible with help from YOU!

The next couple weeks I need to crunch numbers, shoot some footage (Kickstarters almost always have a little video to promote the project), and get the thing up online! I already have some ideas for the rewards backers will get.

Will you back me?

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