Friday, January 9, 2015

Three Years Ago ...

Three years ago I said, "I do." Before that we talked about future (near and far) and the one thing my husband insisted on was that we find an affordable, decent sized two bedroom apartment. I guess I married a smart one because he just knew that my art needed its own room.

Yes, I have a studio in our "second bedroom" and yet my art still spills out onto the dining room table and along the hallway floor lean framed paintings.

This week I've been cleaning ... cleaning is so deceiving because things ALWAYS get messier before it gets anywhere near clean. I've installed some new shelves, took down posters and hung up small framed originals (now they aren't all on the ground leaning against the twin sized bed) and I've been purging: keep, give away, sell, and toss.

I've rediscovered some nice little canvases (uh, oh, gotta do some acrylic paintings), linoleum squares (hey, I should carve up some stuff to print on future paper bags, that means I need to design a logo or something), lots of colored/toned paper (oooh, I should cut them down to the same size and make a sketch book) ... So much spinning in my head, but I. must. stay. on. task.

I need to downsize my obsessive collection of cardboard; it's kinda has a life of its own right now. I have a stack of WIP (works in progress) paintings that I should go through and rework. I have A LOT of stuff from years ago I need to list on EBay. I'll let you know when I cross that bridge ;-)

In a weeks time this WILL be a great, functioning studio ...

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