Friday, March 29, 2013

"Two of a Kind" - Happy Easter!

"Two of a Kind" 
5" x 7" 
Watercolor, 2013

Today I did this little painting of a cute little burro and bunny (who doesn't love a cute little ass?)
I thought that they are just two of kind … Why? Because of their long, soft ears, and their symbolism. Be it you're religious or not, they can speak to you. The bunny is synonymous with Easter (the Easter bunny) and the donkey bears the cross across their back.

"The story is told that the little donkey that had been Jesus' mount on Palm Sunday, came to the hill of Calvary. Seeing the tragic event occurring there, he wished with all his heart to be able to carry the cross for Jesus, as he was the proper one to carry heavy burdens. 

The donkey turned his back on the sight, but he could not leave because he wished to stay until all was over because of his love for Jesus. 

In reward for the loyal and humble love of the little donkey, the Lord caused the shadow of the cross to fall across his back and left it there for the donkey to carry forevermore as a sign that the love of God, no matter how humble, carries a reward for all us to see."

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter spent with your loved ones!!!

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