Friday, April 19, 2013


8" x 10" 


While working at Philmont Scout Ranch in 2010 as a horse wrangler, we wranglers "topped off" the horses - meaning we rode them single file in an arena to get all the kinks out of them from almost 7 months of not getting ridden. Everyone went into a corral with bridle in hand to pick out there steed. And one of the first couple horses I chose was Redwing. 

Redwing was a smaller horse with some white hairs on his forehead. One of the bosses made a comment that he was a "neat little horse" and I found out about that. When asked to trot he begged to lope. He had the best little rhythm as his legs pumped in delight. I didn't find out that day, but later I learned that he LOVED to barrel race.

But I think the best part about Redwing was his beautiful long mane and forelock!

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