Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Artist's Packing List for a Sale

So I thought instead of posting a painting, I'd  write a post about what I typically pack selling my art at an event; it's usually a summer or Christmas time activity. What triggered this post idea is that I spent an hour "tidying" up my studio - I was beginning to have too many random papers on my table and less room for painting. During the shuffling of papers I found an old check list and I'm going to share it and maybe edit it as I create this blog post.

[ ]  Package paintings (includes clear bags and properly labeling items with price and inventory number)
[ ]  Signage (including About the Artist, and any special promotions - sales/discounts)
[ ]  Blank Watercolor Paper (for the long days I like to work on paintings while I sit)
[ ]  Paints in portable palette
[ ]  Paintbrushes
[ ]  Tin cup for water
[ ]  A rag (for my brushes)
[ ]  Pencil
[ ]  Masking tape
…. And now for the important stuff
[ ]  Receipt book (with pen!)
[ ]  Change ($20's, $10's, $5's, $1's, and quarters)
[ ]  Change box (to put the money in)
[ ]  Square (it plugs into my phone so that I can charge credit cards)
[ ]  Newsletter Sign Up List
[ ]  Display Items (I have a couple print holders that fold up)
[ ]  Table (if needed)
[ ]  Tablecloth (to make the table look pretty)
[ ]  Chair
[ ]  Butt pad!

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