Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alberta Street Last Thursday

In NE Portland there's a street called Alberta and people there love street art and music. I've been told by a couple different people that I should go there and sell my art (there's no fee for artists to sell). So, I went to check it out and I had some of my lower priced items sitting in my car and waiting just in case I decided to try it. Well, first off the weather wasn't very cooperative; sprinkles. And moisture and watercolors are best friends that know how to create havoc if you get my drift. Plus, after looking at all the art people brought and had for sale I realized something. This is street art; dancing bears playing banjoes in the snow with other candid critters; spray painted anime; crazy colored creatures from a tripping mind. Basically, my traditional watercolors would not fit in with the present genre. I decided not to sit out in the street with my art in hopes that someone would possibly buy something. Now, my stuff is definitely different than the rest, maybe that will be it's selling point, but I view my art in a professional manner, as fine art, not street art. Something brought up to me was that I could just make some art that would fit the style and price range of the others, but then that wouldn't be my art; it would be reflections of Last Thursday.

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