Friday, June 21, 2013

Plein Air Painting along the Breitenbush River

So, a couple weekends ago I've gone plein air painting along the Breitenbush River while my husband fished … or did he go fishing while I painted? The only other time I've painted on site was with my three lavender paintings. This time I have a lovely tabletop easel, but I think I need to modify or invest in one with legs.

My first outing I had the hardest time painting the colors I saw, because the river is so clear that it was brown due to the rocks being covered in algae and other gunk. A brown river? Yep. Can you see the fly fisherman in "Breitenbush II?"

"Breitenbush I"
5" x 7"

"Breitenbush II"
8" x 10"

"Breitenbush III"
11" x 14"

The second weekend I understood a little bit more on how to paint moving water and back light. It's still pretty hard and I'm hoping to get out a couple more times this summer, because the only way for me to improve is to keep practicing!

My set up:

A better perspective!

I really like my first painting, the others were quick loose ones of little things I saw.

"Breitenbush IV"
8" x 10"

"Rock Stack I"
5" x 7"

"Artist Fungus I"

"Wildflowers I"
8" x 10"


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