Monday, June 10, 2013

"Reggie and Cocoa - Breakfast Buddies"

Every morning when the Philmont wranglers were working on topping off the horses, the "new horses" were jingled at the break of dawn and pushed into corrals. Then we would feed them a wholesome breakfast of alfalfa pellets in feed bags. The feed bags are super simple; a canvas bag with a nylon strap with a buckle that goes behind their ears and a leather patch on the from that has air holes near the nostrils.
One the left is Reggie and next to him is Cocoa. They came in with the new horses in 2010 and seemed to be best buddies and maybe even related (similar color and markings). Well, they were separated; Reggie became a Cav horse and Cocoa was assigned to Beaubien. Cocoa was the main new horse I rode (because I found out he wasn't as crazy as some other new horses - one even reared with me; man, I was tough then). I even rode Cocoa on the 18 mile burro drive from Cattle Headquarters to Ponil.

"Reggie and Cocoa - Breakfast Buddies"
5" x 7"


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