Monday, July 1, 2013

"The Grulla and his Girl"

"The Grulla and his Girl" 
11" x 14" 

It has gone from a rainy Oregon to sweltering heat; all within a week. This is the time of the year I wish I was out in the county - wide open fields and shady forests. So, here is a recent painting I did featuring the landscape of Philmont and a wrangler riding a Philmont horse, Sizzler. Part of what I love about painting is that I can use two reference photos to complete a watercolor. The original photo of the cowgirl on the grulla was taken at Cattle Headquarters inside one of the corrals and the background photo was taken on the trail up to the Stockades. So I just put the two together to make a nice little painting! If you're familiar with Philmont, you can see the Tooth of Time between the cowgirl and Sizzler's left ear.
What do you think of that sky? Does it smell like rain?

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