Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Barn by the Pond I & II"

I recently bought a painting easel from the earnings a couple of sold paintings and greeting cards have brought to my art account. I had a lovely little tabletop easel given to be last Christmas by some family, but as everything has a purpose, sadly this one does not suit painting outdoors. 

I went down to the barn by the pond which sits between the Sandy River and Troutdale, OR off a little side road; the land the barn occupies is owned by Rip Caswell, and he told me that many people have photographed the barn, but I am the first to paint it. (Note: It's always to have permission to paint on privately owned land!) It's so quiet with a little meadow of wildflowers and the pond has cattails which all kinds of birds call home. Plus it's minutes from my little apartment. I did these two paintings a week apart on separate occasions. The lighting was definitely different, plus I was beginning to develop my "voice" for my plein air paintings. My studio paintings (the ones I create with the visual help of mu computer) are very vibrant, while my plein air paintings have their own vibe going. I plan on heading down there more this summer!

"Barn by the Pond I"
11" x 14"


"Barn by the Pond II"
8" x 10"


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