Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waterfall Wednesday




Welcome to the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Home of many, many beautiful waterfalls.
Now that the summer drought is long over (we've even had some winter flooding recently), the waterfalls are as magnificent as ever. It was a little sad to see them all wispy during the hot, dry Summer and Fall.

I recently went on a hike after work (Hooray for longer days!). 

I started at Horsetail Falls.

Talk about water flow! Tiny water droplets were going every where! I had to be strategic to capture the gushing water without the Tokina lens wearing too much water.

From the base of the falls, I made a short 0.4 mile hike (one way) up the fern lined trail (plus a tree top fell over the trail, I had to nearly crawl under it) to above the falls, Ponytail Falls aka Upper Horsetail Falls. At Ponytail Falls you walk behind it and watch the powerful flow of water pound down. It's so refreshing and rejuvenating up there.

Once I returned to my Highlander, it was still light out, so I traveled down the road to Multnomah Falls.

Once again, I only had my Tokina with me so I can learn how to utilize it more. It's awesome for all the wide angle shots I was missing these past couple years.

Last time I was at Multnomah, there was ice every where, so I didn't go up to Benson Bridge. But this time I went up there, once again being strategic so that all the water falling droplets weren't obscuring the view of the mighty, classic waterfall. There's been so much water lately, a "little brother" showed up on the right hand side of the upper tier of Multnomah Falls.


Horsetail Falls

Ponytail Falls

Multnomah Falls with Benson Bridge

Multnomah Falls at Benson Bridge

Thanks for following along!

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