Monday, January 4, 2016

Hashtag 101 | Something to Learn

Yes, when I was growing up, "#" was called a "pound sign" or someone would use it in front of your phone number. Now, they are a "hashtag."
What's a hashtag? It's now used as a device to widen the social media database for more people to see something else related to what you're looking at.

For instance, Instagram. This is a prime example when to use hashtags, this is how you will be able to get more exposure for your images/posts.

How to hashtag. Hashtags can be more than one word, but there can't be any spaces. If there are spaces, then it just won't work. Here's a little example, I have a hashtag I created: #WesternRoseStudios

I tag (type it in as the description or comment) this particular hashtag with all my posts on Instagram. Now, just because I started this hashtag doesn't mean that others can't use it, no one "owns" a specific hashtag. I always tag with this hashtag, so that if you go and search for this hashtag, then you can see everything I've posted and tagged.

Also, I use other hashtags when I post something, like for this photo I took up on Mount Hood:

I used other hashtags that "described" my image. That way more people are likely to find my image and then "like" it or comment.

Another little tidbit of information ... if you want to have a certain someone see something, you can reach out to them by typing their username with "@" in front of it. You can see above where I replied to some comments on my photo. If I didn't type in the user names then they would probably have no idea that you replied to their comment.

This is part of my new little info series: Something to Learn

Thanks for reading!

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