Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stars at Breitenbush

Last weekend I went camping with my family up at Breitenbush River. When the campfire was slowly dying, I jumped in my gold car and drove up to the bridge and with my Canon, widest angle lens, and tripod, I set up my gear and got ready for some long exposures.

These were taken with my 18-135mm lens (set at 18mm) with a 30 sec exposure, f-stop 3.5, and 800 ISO. I'm still working on perfecting my astro photography and I played around with some light painting.

What is "light painting?" I learned this from listening to the Improve Photography podcast on Stitcher (phone app) and it's where you use a flashlight (usually) and shine the flashlight on something while you take a long exposure in the dark. So, with the help if my husband and his dad's GIANT flashlight, I was able to get the photograph of my car and the stars on the third try.

Well, enjoy these photos and get outside this weekend and look at the stars yourself.

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