Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Butte Creek Falls

On Saturday, the first rainy day in what seems forever, I went on a drive with my husband down to Scotts Mills in search of the elusive Butte Creek Falls. 

Elusive? Yes. Especially on horseback, a couple years ago I started on a trail ride that the destination goal was Butte Creek Falls. Yeah, that never happened, in fact we got snowed on that chilly February day. After finding the falls and looking on a map, I realized that it was a lot further from the starting point than I originally thought and maybe the "elusive falls" wasn't this specific set of waterfalls.

As always I used my favorite hiking website to get directions to Butte Creek Falls. We only had to turn around on one gravel logging road before we found the right one. It was a short hike and since my hubby came along he carried my tripod in his day pack while I had my big black camera bag.

The first one we stopped at was Lower Butte Creek Falls which falls into a deep pool. Since it was rainy, the soil was pretty soft and it was quite a (sliding butt) climb to get closer and without any gear (like a long, strong rope) , we decided to set up my camera on the ridge that overlooked the falls.

Then we went to Upper Butte Creek Falls which was a lot easier to get closer to and we had fun finding different perspectives. I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe get out and see these falls for yourself and they're a lot closer to Salem than to Portland. It was very pretty even on an overcast, drizzly day (I can see why my cousin was proposed to there!).

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