Monday, July 27, 2015

Screen Printing Decisions

Last month I learned screen printing. This month I've decided that I'll keep doing it, but keep it to limited editions. What does that mean??? I'll make a design on a screen and post when I'm accepting orders for t-shirts, and there will be two chances for you to order your very own shirt. I will also be printing a handful of tea towels. So, both the t-shirts and tea towels will be very special. Once my two calls for ordering t-shirts are up, the screen will be reclaimed (aka design will be destroyed), so very limited edition.

My first design is of Gracie and Tuesday of Serenity North Farms in Florida. It's a very sweet, cute design of two Gypsy Vanners, nose-to-nose. If you are interested in a shirt of your own, please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or you can subscribe to this blog or my monthly newsletter, because I'll be posting on all those sites when I release a new design and when I'm accepting orders. So, like I said ... limited edition, special, hand printed, and designed by me!

I have a couple tea towels on my website right now.

Gypsy Vanner Tea Towel from Western Rose Studios

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