Sunday, July 12, 2015

Laura and Brandon | Wedding

Three and a half years ago was the last wedding I was at and it was my own wedding. It was a whirlwind of family, friends, and starting a new chapter in my life. It was in early January and the days leading up to it there was flooding and snow in Oregon, but on the day we were married it was a bluebird, sunny, slightly warm, January day. I know how overwhelming it can all be; you want to visit with everyone, your cheeks hurt from smiling, you want to dance the night away, and when it's all done you're exhausted from happiness.

This all happened again yesterday, but it was my cousin and her husband who celebrated their new chapter of marriage. Since mid-June it has been 80-90 degree weather, so unbearably hot. But yesterday it was an overcast cool day in the middle of July, no threat of rain for their outdoor reception. Her nieces adored her and she adores them (and Brandon adores them, too), everyone was smiling, the look in Laura and Brandon's eyes was misty with love, and looking through the photos I took of their reception just affirm the love they have for each other.

Now, this is the first time I've taken photos at a wedding, be it just the reception part, but I really look for all the little details (the artist in me) and wanted to capture them for Laura and Brandon. I wanted to take candid shots which was perfect since they were busy with a professional photographer who made sure they got all those taken care of. 

It's the little moments like these that I love. I hope you love them, too.

All these photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T3i with my 85mm 1.8 lens. It's my favorite lens and I shot everything in manual and the only editing I did to these was lightening the exposure as needed. 

There are no filters needed for love.

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