Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VIP Party - Groovy

Since my art was chosen for the Oak Knoll Winery's 2012 Rose Festival Collector Series, I've been invited to special parties for people who help put on the Portland Rose Festival. One of them was a VIP "thank you" party with a groovy theme. John and I went with six other people from Oak Knoll Winery in a Las Vegas stretch limo (which I've been told is a bit on the longer side) and we went to Spirit Mountain Casino for the event.

John and I dressed up by going to Goodwill a couple hours before we had to meet. Usually it's hard to find exactly what you need there, but this time luck was on our side. John found a shirt and brown pants, and I a shiny fat silver belt and the crazy shirt.

On the limo ride to and from Spirit Mountain Casino we had fun with a variety of wines and playing with the lights, especially in the night.

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