Thursday, May 3, 2012

crazy time

I'm starting to loose it. Thesis will be the end of me. I have till tomorrow to print my paper, get it signed and bound at Kinkos. I have to buy special archival paper from the front desk at school and they are OUT! And I need to turn things in TOMORROW. They are supposed to get more today, I need it before I leave around noon to help with an alumni's overwhelming commission. This commission is crazy, the girl in charge of it is finishing her applied craft masters degree and decided to make the square footage more than the original idea. The problem is time and materials. I'm helping so that it is done in a week and we aren't even halfway done. It consists of using 22 gauge copper wire, wrapping there Indian seed pods that look like mini brains and some star shaped seed pods. Each strand is 9 1/2 feet, there are 9 "panels" of 12. It's a lot of work, like I said. 

I've been warned by one of my teachers not to spread myself too thin, that might be already too late. Oh well. I'll get it all done. I may just have to slow down on the commission help to work on finishing the things I need to do to GRADUATE.

As for something fun, my hubby and I are going to the midnight showing of The Avengers with his brother, for his birthday. I'm looking forward to that, but not waking up tomorrow morning to come to school ... 

And you should check out my studio-mate's website. She has made some pretty crazy stuff for her thesis.


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