Tuesday, August 9, 2011

horse ride and now engaged!

I went for a horse ride last weekend at the camp I used to work at. I led the ride on Scout, an appy, for some fellow Alumni staffers and their families, since the current staff of wranglers didn't want to help with the annual Alumni Staff Horse Ride. My adventurous brother got to trot around and take some pictures and even got to gallop a little bit with my (now fiance) running his horse to catch up, while the Alumni staff with their families did a nice walking pace which more than enough fit their needs.

Currently, I'm piecing all of my art together and making some business cards for the upcoming Scandinavian Festival of Junction City, OR. I think everyone needs to come if you're in the area. It's free, family friendly (not dog friendly though), and there's always dancers on the stage or some other interesting things going on. This Thursday is the first day and Sunday is it's last. I hope everyone is having a great week before a wonderful weekend! (I know I am!)

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  1. Do congradulations on the engagement. That makes our picture even more cool, because we get to know you through some great stages of your life.

    We think of you every time we see it.