Thursday, August 27, 2015

Latourell Falls Funshop

Last Saturday I went to my first photography class! I've had my Canon Rebel T3i nearly one year ago. Since I've gotten it I've only shot in manual, choosing my aperture, exposure length and ISO, all by reading blogs and browsing Pinterest.

I went to a Funshop with Gary Randall at Latourell Falls. He even has another (3 day) workshop at Opal Creek, sign up if you're in the area!

The biggest thing I learned was how to read and utilize the histogram. *light bulb*

I walked up the creek and kept my lens cloth handy because of the mist from the waterfall. After photographing Lower Latourell Falls we walked down stream to the little park and found the cutest set up of a table and two chairs. We found out that it was a scene for a proposal (and she said "YES").

I hope you enjoy the photos I took during the little Funshop.
Thanks for looking!

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