Saturday, May 30, 2015

Salmon River Hike

Yesterday I went on a little hike along the Salmon River near Welches, Oregon. The hike wasn't a loop, it was a "there and back" with it being 5 miles for the "round trip." The funny thing was that it didn't even seem like 5 miles, it was so easy and peaceful and definitely cooler than the 82 degree weather in Portland.

I think this hike would be a good one for families, but not for strollers since there is a section of large steps and you need to be able to pick a path over rocks to cross small creeks that feed into the river.

This time I brought my tripod since I as anticipating to take long exposure shots of the river.  I have three lens, but I decided to leave my 70-210mm lens at home since I wanted some wide angle shots and didn't want to carry unnecessary weight.

There was a place I set up with some higher ground and looked down on the river; I like that perspective. I used my 18-135mm lens to get the wide shots. Also, along one of the creeks was a cool stack of rocks, so I got a photo of that as well, I switched to my 85mm 1.8 lens because I really wanted blurred out background. It was an overcast day up there, so the wide aperture on my 85 was very handy with all the trees along the creek.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos!

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