Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sadie | Watercolor Commission

8" x 10" 
Watercolor 2015 

Here is a commissioned watercolor done in my new sketchy watercolor style. What do you think? You may be wondering what I consider makes up my new style. Usually I do tons of layers, but in this I do maybe only two layers of washes, just focusing on heightened colors and then I do some calligraphic line work. This is still in the early development stages, but I'm liking where it is going.

As for Sadie, this was commissioned after she had passed on. This is a piece that will always reminder her owner of her happy dog smile, personality, and unique spot on the tippy top of her head. I've been told that whenever she looks at it, she cries because it looks just like her and reminds her of the happy days growing up with her childhood dog.

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