Thursday, April 5, 2012

my spring break

Hello everyone,
I've been busy working on my thesis body of art and paper, but today I have a small break to add some things to my blog.

I tried a recipe from my Mini Just Desserts cookbook - Apple Tarts. They were extremely easy to make and I was excited because I love my mom's apple pie, almost any apple pie, and thought that this would be something fun to make for me and my hubby. It was quite tasty and super simple with flour, sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

I recieved a red tiger abutilon as a wedding present and I finally have a blossom (the first one withered away). Isn't it pretty?

I also enjoy watching all the wildlife in the creek by our apartment. The other day there was a great blue heron.

A couple ducks swim and dive, they are fun to watch especially when the creek isn't all muddy from heavy rains to the west.
I had a great spring break, even though I got really bored from not attending classes. I was able to start organizing my "at home studio" which is located in out spare bedroom. I was also able to hang more of my art on out spacious walls and made it feel more cozy.

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