Friday, March 16, 2012

thesis work

Well, I've been keeping myself busy in my school studio working on my thesis art. I've been layering and playing with watercolor, water-soluble pencils, colored pencils, gesso, and now some collage. Some of you may remember my post LATEST AND GREATEST?, well I've been working it so much since the beginning. I've repainted the shadow a couple different times and in the image below I'm gluing wood chips and sawdust from the Wood Studio on the shadow.

I've also worked up the eye with colored pencils.

And here it is in it's current state, who knows it may change but I like where it is right now.

And here is another piece I'm reworking from ART AND LIFE. I'm sewing/gluing horsehair along the horizon line of textured cerulean blue.

Here is a detail of the rump, I've worked in a little texture from some hay. It's hidden within the burnt umber. And some wisps are just hanging out in the image.

And currently I've been working on a new piece from a sketch I did.

Below is the watercolor painting and there is some texture produced with the help of plastic bags and weight.

I'm not sure what else I'll do to this one .... maybe lots of layers

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