Monday, July 11, 2011

a day of art

Today, I was finally productive with some completions of watercolor paintings!

First on my list was my next July Special, Allie for rottrover. This is the photo which I used as reference.

And I created this painting! And a close up for good measure. :-)

Then I finished a painting I started a while ago of a view at the golf course and started and finished another one. I plan to sell them at the golf course ... :-)

Then I worked on a couple paintings of horses ...

I said hi to my ponies, Lady and Gracie...

And Lucky was enjoying the sun.


  1. Oh Elizabeth!! You got the intellegent kindness in her eyes. They are both beautiful. I'll e-mail you right away. Thank you so much!

  2. it's a close up picture of the same painting... the close up just allows you to see more detail in her pretty face. :-D

  3. I am always so jealous of people who can people whom can paint with water colors. lovely!

  4. I love that pic of Rottrover. You did such a beautiful job!

  5. Allie was a hiking buddy of ours. I love seeing the painting of her!

  6. We got our painting and we LOVE IT. I am so good looking in it and I look like such a sweet dog and Dr Doughty looks so kind and loving. We just love it love it love it.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks