Monday, July 11, 2011

my "weekend" and art

My "weekends" are usually on Wednesday and Thursdays because of my work schedule. This is totally fine with me, because my man, John, usually has those days off also. Sometimes it's hard to have schedules to be together since he's up in Portland and I'm down between Corvallis and Eugene. Greyhound and Amtrack usually help with cutting down extended driving.

So, we were able to spend some time together and relax down at the Willamette River in Corvallis. The day before I bought supplies for a picnic since John had a picnic basket he could bring. It was so yummy, even though we misplaced his pocket knife. The spread was Apple Smoked Gouda, Summer Sausage, Wheat Thins (Basil and Parmesan), Golden Delicious Apples, and some Barefoot Riesling. We sat on a log on a gravel bed under a tree and there was a breeze, after our fill we found a tree with long, soft grass underneath to take a nap.

And today since I have a day off I've been working on my next July Special commission for rottrover, it's a watercolor painting of the late and very pretty Allie. I'm also working on a painting or two of views at the golf course I'm working at because more people are noticing the little doodles on the front counter and asking, "Why isn't there a price?"


  1. What a lovely picnic! I love having days off during the week - never any crowds!! Can't wait to see your take on Miss Allie!!

  2. LOVE picnics!