Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Changes ...

Well, you might be noticing that I'm not cranking out a ton of paintings lately. I am changing my pace nowadays. A couple weeks ago I would come home from work and just sit and paint, and paint, and paint. For the past couple weeks I've come home from work and cooked dinner, tidy up the apartment, spend 30 minutes to an hour painting, go for a 2 ½ mile walk, and do stretches before bed. With so many more things to do each day, I have less concentrated time to work on paintings. So, I will be working on longer, more detailed paintings (with plans to have them available in greeting cards and giclĂ©e fine art prints) and I also have some commissions lined out for the next month or so.

With my regiment to walking 5 days a week and eating wisely (I started my first ever real diet - the Atkins Diet), I feel energized during my walk and I love walking around the dirt track/trail I found nearby at a elementary school. This commitment to my walks really helps with over 8 hours of office work and then on top of that sitting and painting, I need to be active again. Plus, I'm almost finished with all my therapy appointments I've been attending from when my car was rear ended in March, so all this exercise is helping with my recover - strengthening my muscles. :-) 

Here's to health and art!

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