Monday, September 10, 2012

Sandy Oktoberfest 2012

Well, this last weekend in Sandy, Oregon was the Sandy Oktoberfest. I've gone there for a couple years now helping my husband's family with the parking lot and the church's taco and sausage booths. But this year (since I don't have any more homework to do!), I had my art in the Art Show. There was a slow trickle of people most of the time, and bouts of none and then lots of people here and there.

I sold a lot of my moo-tastic note cards and my best seller was the little fox note cards. I never knew cute foxes were so irresistible for people! 

I also sold two originals:

2008, watercolor
11" x 14"

"Picking One Out"
2010, watercolor and colored pencil
8" x 10"

"Harnessed Belgian" at the end of the first day after a couple hours of work.

I also started and finished two little drawings of some draft horses I photographed at the Oregon State Fair this year.

"Harnessed Belgian"
2012, colored pencil
7" x 9"

"Waiting for the Bridle"
2012, graphite
7" x 9"

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