Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nativity Scene #1

Many moons ago I purchased greenware of a nativity scene. I used a sponge and scraping tool to finish the seams. I recently picked up my set after it was fired for the first time. Today, I took it to The Pottery Place (paid a fee for paint and second firing) and started. I worked on the wall and the little burro today and I'll go there and work on it some more tomorrow. I've always wanted a nice nativity scene, not the ones which are made in China. That's when I went to the local ceramic shop and found the perfect size for my very own nativity scene. I guess this started because my aunt (mother's sister) was an artist (she always encouraged me) and she painted a nativity scene for my parents and I always loved helping setting it up.

Now, I will have my own and when I have children I will show them the carefully painted pieces. I plan on posting photos of my process. Enjoy :-)

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