Friday, November 26, 2010


in my printmaking class I've been learning different techniques to print images with a griffon etching press.

the process goes along these lines...
  • using carving tools, you carve into a piece of wood, I prefer MDF (Multi-density Fiberboard) because it carves like butter (with sharp tools) and there is no woodgrain or or splintering to fight.
  • once the carving is done (MDF gets shallacked because it can warp if it takes in any mosture) the pressure is set on the press and then ink is rolled (the ink slab is charged).
  • for the rich black on my print, I had to charge the roller multiple times and really load the ink.
  • since my woodcut was 18 x 24 inches, I printed with the paper dry.

this is the part I carved. 

this is the print.

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